Achates regularly produces a range of tools and resources to support the cultural sector which we share, free of charge. These include:

Achates Progamme Design for Existing Cultural Organisations

A flow chart to help shape your programme design

Achates Decision Making Dashboard

A useful tool to help your governing body focus on the key audiences, types of value and objectives of your organisation, as a shared frame of reference for planning and decision making.

Achates Purpose, Theory of Change, Outputs and Outcomes

A Venn diagram illustrating the interlinking relationships between the what, why and how of your organisation

Achates Capital Pyramid

Achates recommends the following model for presenting capital project costs

Achates Value Chain

A simple illustration to communicate the elements required fundraising success and to highlight that it is the outcome of a process and cannot take place in isolation

The 8 Types of Impact of Culture and Heritage

Achates has identified 8 types of impact which cultural projects can create and it is important to fundraising success

Achates’ Audience informed Business Plan

A diagram to illustrate the steps within a Business Plan taken with an audience informed approach

Achates Three Pillars of a Capital Project

When managing a capital project Achates always advocates that there are three symbiotic pillars,  and running across the project is a process of organisational


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