Achates Live! Online

Achates Live! is our free monthly webinar providing support and insight for our fundraising community.

Launched as a free monthly in person event at The Old Vic Theatre in 2019 as part of support programme for cultural organisations, we moved online as a result of the pandemic and have continued our virtual offer ever since. All of the sessions, which include a diverse range of cultural sector experts, are available on our YouTube channel.

As of April 2023 we have moved to a pre-recorded model to ensure that we can meet the accessibility needs of our audiences. All sessions will be available from 2pm on the second Thursday of each month.

Our next Achates Live! has been postponed from February to Thursday 14 March at 2pm on the topic of ‘Making the Big Ask: Major Donor Fundraising’. You can register by clicking here.


Previous Achates Live! sessions

In the meantime, do have a look at our previous sessions below, and be sure to check out Achates Trains for our Achates Live! in November 2023, which replaced our usual session format.

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Achates Live! Online: 13th July 2021: Ethical Fundraising

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Achates Live! Online: 11th May 2021: Social Justice: You Are Not Alone

Achates Live! Online: 13th April 2021: What Next for Corporate Support?

Achates Live! Online: 9th March 2021 Long-distance Relationships: Keeping Donors Close

Achates Live! Online: 9th February 2021: Business Planning for 2021

Achates Live! Online: 8th December 2020: Strengthening Foundations

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Achates Live! Online: 16th June 2020: Case in Point

Achates Live! Online: X RAISE 2nd June 2020: Fundraising After COVID-19: Challenges and Opportunities

Achates Live! Online: 19th May 2020: Leading Out of Lockdown

Achates Live! Online: 5th May 2020: We Are All Entrepreneurs Now

Achates Live! Online: 21st April 2020: The Future of Corporate Support

Achates Live! Online: 7th April 2020: Developing Digital Relationships

Achates Live! Online: 27th March 2020: Support for Coping with COVID-19