Case study:Achates Recruits: National Centre for Writing

It was great to work with Achates Recruits to drive the appointment of our two new senior posts. They helped us think through the strategic as well as practical aspects of appointing these posts in a complicated job market and supported all aspects of the process in a timely, informed and collegiate way that made the process feel very positive and productive. Chris Gribble, Chief Executive, National Centre for Writing

In Autumn 2021 Achates Recruits supported the National Centre for Writing in the recruitment of two new senior roles, central to the ongoing strategic development of the organisation: an Executive Director, with a focus on ensuring that all internal functions were delivering to agreed strategy and business plans, and a Head of Communications, overseeing relationships with external partners, media and funders. The assignment combined advertising and candidate brief support, with executive search that took both a regional and national approach, leveraging NCW’s location in Norwich, a UNESCO City of Literature.