The Arts Council’s Private Investment in Culture Survey 2019

The Arts Council England’s Private Investment in Culture Survey that tells us how much voluntary income comes to the Cultural Sector.

The data that makes up the survey includes corporate partnerships, individual giving and grants from trusts and foundations.  The results help us here at Achates to understand trends in cultural fundraising, enable better advocacy for the sector and provide more effective support for cultural organisations.

The upcoming 2022 survey will inform a wider study of private investment in culture in England, with a report due to be published in Spring 2022, building on previous research commissioned by the Arts Council and exploring changes that may have occurred due to Covid-19.  As well as containing data and insights from the survey, the report will also showcase examples of best practice in fundraising throughout the cultural sector, and highlight the innovative ways cultural organisations are embracing the Arts Council’s Dynamism Investment Principle.

The 2019 survey can be found here