Join The Revolution…Achates Community

A new platform for cultural sector income generation professionals offering support and learning, community and the Purposeful Leader leadership programme, Achates Community is a revolution in cultural sector support.

Launching in October 2024, Achates Community is a new affordable digital platform where you can access webinars detailing best practise approaches using Achates purpose designed tools and resources to support and develop new skills in every area needed to grow contributed and new income generations sources.

At Achates we take a purpose-led and audience-informed approach and have designed a total system approach informed by this enabling resilience with integrity. Going live with 50 step by step support and learning sessions covering everything from: consulting and identifying priority audiences, to writing a statement of purpose and developing your theory of change, through to processes for project design, developing an impact framework and monitoring and evaluation methodologies, to applying a purpose led approach to every aspect of contributed income and new earned income development.

With a lively community of sector workers discussing the issues of the day, we are also including the Purposeful Leader leadership programme specifically designed for the fundraisers and income generation professionals who we believe are the unsung heroes of our sector.

And because this is Achates, we always want to ensure that our services are equitable, so today we are also announcing a programme of 50 free one-year bursary places on Achates Community. With 20 places ring-fenced for England and ten each respectively for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

We’ve made the application process for an Achates Community Bursary as simple as possible – anyone who identifies as holding a protected characteristic or as coming from a lower socio-economic background is eligible to apply and you will be assessed on a short text outlining why an Achates Community one year Bursary would be meaningful to you and your organisation at this time.

Applications for an Achates Community Bursary open on the 17th of June and every bursary applicant will be offered at least a free 3-month trial of Achates Community.

Achates Community is a cultural sector revolution, will you be part of it? Sign up to our waitlist here.