Everything you Need to Support Your Income Generation – All in One Place

Whether income generation is your sole remit or part of your broader role, Achates Community is here to bring you everything you need to know about growing and sustaining your contributed and new earned income in one place. 

At Achates, we know that by focusing on organisational purpose, both fundraised income and new earned income opportunities can be unlocked with integrity. We take a ‘strengths-based’ approach to help organisations harness their distinctive assets and leverage them in purpose-led and audience-informed ways. For the first time, we’re drawing all of our income generation expertise into a single platform, to support cultural charity employees to identify and creatively explore opportunities to build and diversify their contributed and new earned income. 

Offering a complete approach to ensuring resilience with integrity, Achates Community will go live in October with 50 support and learning Masterclasses accompanied by our proven and practical resources, which enable you to harness our tools and approach and employ these directly to your live and real-time organisational priorities and challenges. Accessed through a purpose designed digital platform, you can follow Achates Community as a series of short courses, or access support on demand. And of course there are  associated downloadable tools and frameworks, live problem-solving sessions for discussion and dialogue with peers and Achates consultants, as well as online forums to discuss shared challenges.

The support and learning sessions each focus in on specific areas essential to income generation success, all through the lens of Achates’ distinctive purpose-led approach. From understanding the funding landscape, consulting and identifying priority audiences, through to developing your theory of change and using impact philanthropy to build a culture of fundraising both within and around your organisation. Our Masterclasses and toolkits won’t just benefit your income generation of course, but our purpose-led and audience-informed approach will also help to strengthen and focus your broader organisational planning and delivery.

Wherever you are in your income generation success story and whatever your staffing and resources; Achates Community will deliver the expertise, insights and guidance to enable you to iterate and fine tune existing processes and delivery, as well as giving you robust foundations and frameworks for establishing new areas of income generation. What’s more, the blend of self-directed learning and live discussion and troubleshooting means that you can move at your own pace, whatever that looks like.

Each webinar contains the content of an Achates workshop with a director, so you only have to dip into one session in a year to realise value for money from your subscription. And with new content added regularly from launch, you’ll have access to a unique and complete resource with the support you need to drive impactful income generation and further your organisation’s purpose.

Sounds comprehensive, doesn’t it? And did you know that you can access all this for just £50 per employee, per month? 

Make sure that you don’t miss out on Achates’ biggest development for ten years and sign up to the waiting list for Achates Community here.

Find out more about the Bursary Programme and how to apply here.