No. 9 – Celebrating Ten Years of Achates with Ten of Our Greatest Achievements

Cultural sector consultancy, #Achates, was founded in April 2014 with the aim of making high quality consultancy available to all. Every day we recruit cultural sector workers, fundraise and support commercial income generation, develop organisational and regional strategies, and support organisational change, but our purpose has always been to go beyond our paid work and to give back to our sector. And as we reach the end of our 10th anniversary year, we are celebrating ten of our key achievements and social value created.


9. Donating over £700,000 to Culture

Over our ten years to date Achates has donated more than £700,000 to cultural organisations to support their work with over £250,000 in cash donations and the balance through in-kind support for which we invoice pro bono. Working at Achates requires a dedication to culture to enable such a significant proportion of our profit to be given away and maintain quality and we are very proud of the contribution that we can make and of the staff team that enable it.

Look out for our 10th offering next week as we near the end of celebrating ten years of Achates!