Achates Recruits and Brings Change: The Walk Productions is seeking a Development Director

The Walk Productions

Development Director

The Walk Productions is a not-for-profit company that creates large scale international public art that brings communities together to challenge assumptions and rethinking narratives so as to inspire change. Through their project The Walk they have told the story of Little Amal – the 12 foot puppet of a 10 year old Syrian refugee child. Since July 2021, Amal has travelled the world through 160 towns and cities in 15 countries and been welcomes by over two million people face to face and by tens of millions online. The 440 events she has participated in have been unique to each community she has visited and we have partnered with thousands of artists and civic leaders to tell her story. The project has been described as ‘the most ambitious public art project ever attempted’.

The Walk Productions is seeking an ambitious and creative Development Director who can embed a dynamic and international fundraising strategy and raise the funds they need to catapult their organisation into its next phase.

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