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We think that Caroline has led or advised on more capital campaigns than any one else in the UK and, to date, all of them have been successful. That extensive direct experience is invaluable in helping to plan for and navigate the particular challenges a capital project brings. We offer a bespoke capital fundraising service, ranging from an initial fundraising feasibility study, to regular strategic and coaching support, through to a tailored team working with you to deliver your targets.


The idea of a fundraising philosophy has always seemed a little pretentious to us. However, we do believe that philanthropy and the values that underlie it are an important part of life which, too often, can be overlooked.

Successful fundraisers know it's not just about the money. Money is the outcome of bringing together charitable work of the highest quality with those who want to support it. By taking a holistic approach to our work we support organisations in achieving their goals, not just in the short term, but year after year.


Establishing a strong revenue income base is one of the building blocks of any sustainable charitable organisation or NGO. We specialise in helping you identify and maximise the unique assets and opportunities available to your organisation, working with you to develop a bespoke strategy reflecting your charity's unique situation, not an ill-fitting off-the-peg solution. We can help you develop an ethical policy, establish a strong prospect list through research, support your bid writing, or enable your cultivation and approaches of individuals. And we can also secure corporate sponsorship for your work.

Jay Miller, Artistic Director &

Lucy Oliver-Harrison, Executive Director  

The Yard

Caroline’s support has been paramount in providing direction and support to the team at The Yard in the early stages of our organisation’s development. The Yard Theatre (a theatre bar and kitchen built in 2011), grew rapidly over the first two years and Caroline has been working closely with the Artistic Director and Executive Director over the last 18 months to develop and secure our long-term and sustainable future. Caroline’s enthusiasm is infectious; her approach is unassuming and bespoke, immediately instilling confidence when faced with overwhelming strategies or targets, and providing considered direction where necessary. Her unrelenting generosity and incredible knowledge makes her support of incomparable value. We are hugely grateful to Caroline.

Usama Tuqan, Trustee of the

Friends of the Edward Said

National Conservatory of Music

I had the opportunity and privilege of working with Caroline on the start up of our new charity. Her assistance in organising and moving us forward, guidance in meeting the stringent statutory and legal requirements, and writing the future Strategy Plan were all invaluable. It was also a great pleasure to work with her.

Brendan Keaney, Artistic Director


Realising a major capital project like the Jerwood Dance House required a big vision and it also needed an extraordinary team.  DanceEast was extremely fortunate to have Caroline’s experience and expertise to initially devise and laterally drive our development strategy.  The end result was an amazing prize for both dance artists and the general public and a great landmark building for the East of England.


Endowments are still a new phenomenon in the UK. So if you're considering creating one, it's good to know that you'll be working with a team with real experience in this area, including advising on one of the largest Catalyst supported endowment campaigns in the UK and evaluating all of those undertaken in the Catalyst programme.


Fundraising is at the heart of any successful charity and we believe that good fundraisers know that guarding the integrity of their organisation and its offer is essential to maintaining value. Our advice could help you develop your offer and income in parallel, enabling strategic growth and development.


Strong organisational governance and effective Boards are imperative for any organisation and fundamental to the success of fundraising campaigns. We offer strategic governance reviews and support in Board audits, along with recruitment and development of existing Boards and Committees.


Fundraising in a Box has been developed specifically for small to medium size charities by Achates Philanthropy. We know that many smaller charities deliver vital work, but large charities tend to receive the most money, can raise the most money and often have access to the best fundraising advice. Fundraising in a Box is designed to change this by offering small to medium size charities access to high quality fundraising support in an affordable way. Fundraising in a Box will allocate a dedicated account manager to your organisation, who will offer an annual strategy session, a six monthly review, fortnightly progress meetings and the opportunity to answer questions between meetings.